About VVP

Vanderbilt Video Productions is a division of Student Media at Vanderbilt dedicated to providing students the opportunity to create and showcase visual media. From episodic television to Youtube style videos to short and feature length films and documentaries, VVP provides students with training, access to state-of-the-art studio and field production equipment, post-production editing facilities, and ultimately distribution through VandyFlix, our web and mobile production showcase.

Vanderbilt Video Productions is led by students under the guidance of members of the professional staff of Student Media at Vanderbilt.

For more information or to get involved at Vanderbilt Video Productions, please fill out our interest form below or contact:

Zoe Yarbrough, VVP Student Director : zoe.j.yarbrough@vanderbilt.edu

Jim Hayes, Assistant Director of Student Media at Vanderbilt: jim.hayes@vanderbilt.edu

InterestForm: https://forms.gle/BFMtzcZVn6Lm7Y8R7