Producing with VVP

Hi there! All of us here are very excited that you are interested in producing with Vanderbilt Video Productions. Through VVP, you have access to our studio, equipment, and staff in creating whatever type of visual media project you are interested in. Membership in VVP is not required to produce with us, but we encourage you to check in on emails and our groupme ( to stay involved.

To get started producing, if you are already familiar with the studio and equipment, just fill out the reservation form below. However, if you need some training before this step, please visit our Training Materials page, or reach out to

Lastly, VVP is very passionate about helping you create your work, which includes getting it to a final stage and sharing it with the world! We hate to see your hard work never shown, so to ensure that it is, VVP requires that all work created using the VVP studio or equipment is sent to Assistant Director of Student Media Jim Hayes ( to be screened and published on our video site, VandyFlix.

Happy producing!

VVP Producer Forms

Vanderbilt Video Productions Studio & Equipment Reservation Form

VVP Producer Video Submission Form (this form is for Vandy Flix submission)

VVP STUDIO RESERVATION & OFFICE HOURS CALENDAR (make sure to include your name and project in the notes!)