Student Director – Olivia Gordon

Class of 2024

Hey everyone! I’m Olivia and I’m VVP’s Student Director! I’m also talent on our show Sex RX. I love creating things – wether that be videos, crochet, or cookies. I also love to read and watching anything streaming services have to offer (give me recommendations)!

Managing Director – Zoe Yarbrough

Class of 2024

Hey y’all! My name is Zoe and this is my fourth year in VSC. I started out in My Commons Life and somehow now help run Vanderbilt Video Productions. I love hearing student ideas and bringing ideas to life on the screen. In my free time, I love to Latin dance, drink coffee, and sit on Alumni Lawn 🙂

Social Media & Recruitment – Vivian Han

Class of 2025

I am Vivian Han, a junior majoring in Art History, and Cinema & Media Arts. I love watching films and going to exhibitions in my free time. I aim to bring art into everyone’s life. Happy to join the VVP board and so EXCITED!!! 

Social Media & Recruitment – Alex Mayo

Class of 2026

I’m Alex Mayo, a sophomore who still doesn’t know what their major will be. I like fun ideas and pointing a camera at anything, and I’d love to help anyone bring their ideas to reality. Join VVP, it’s so much fun!

Training & Studio Management – Drew Ellis

Class of 2025

Hi, my name is Drew Ellis. I’m a computer science and CMA major at Vanderbilt, currently in my junior year. I like to shoot short films and documentaries, but can be apart of any production. I also love everything to do with editing and camerawork.

Training & Studio Management – Ade Forrest

Class of 2025

Hi everyone, my name is Ade Forrest! I am a junior majoring in Law History and Society and Cinema Media Arts. I love music and photography and I am super excited to be on the VVP exec board!